Primeworld Land Holds Mid-Year Sales Planning and Recognition Event for Greater Manila Sales Partners
August 8, 2023

Primeworld Land Holds Mid-Year Sales Planning and Recognition Event for Greater Manila Sales Partners

In a strategic move to align goals and celebrate successes, Primeworld Greater Manila recently hosted a mid-year sales planning and recognition event last August 8, 2023, at Golden Empire Chinese Restaurant. It was an inspiring affair that combined Primeworld Greater Manila’s best talent under one roof. With the esteemed presence of the company's CEO, Mr. Sherwin Uy, and a turnout of 70 dedicated sales partners, the event proved to be a pivotal moment in the company's journey.

With the CEO at the forefront, the spotlight turned to the sales partners who had displayed exceptional prowess and dedication in their roles. The Top Selling Agents for January to July 2023 were recognized as follows:

 -Ellen Jane Idano (Activ8 Property Solutions)
 -Amalia Vizmonte (Activ8 Property Solutions)
 -Remarie Reyes Lozada (AD Infantado Realty)
 -Dovie Marcelo (DreamHouse Realty)
 -Emegene Valera (Activ8 Property Solutions)
 -Norilyn Absin (Activ8 Property Solutions)
 -Erlou Cunanan (JVAllejos Stark and Parker)
 -Daisy Aniag (DreamHouse Realty)
 -Bernadith Andales (DreamHouse Realty)
 -Jeanne Imbuido (Animare Sales and Marketing Inc.)

The Top Brokers for the second quarter were also recognized:

   -April 2023 - Derick Infantado (Ad Infantado Realty)
   -May 2023 - Elaine Idano (Activ8 Property Solutions)
   -June 2023 - Elaine Idano (Activ8 Property Solutions)

The recognition segment was not just a celebration of achievements, but a manifestation of the company's unwavering commitment to acknowledging the hard work and dedication of its sales partners. Each award was met with thunderous applause, affirming the camaraderie and respect that bind this community of professionals.

To celebrate the event, mobile phones were raffled off to the following winners:

 -Elaine Sumeldan (Red Homes Realty)
 -Docie Marcelo (Dream House Realty)

To culminate the event, the grand prize winner of Primeworld's Summer Blowout was unveiled to the Sales Partners. The fortunate recipient of the grand prize, an all-expenses-paid trip for two to Cebu spanning 3 Days and 2 Nights, is none other than Mr. Michael Angelo Galit from Primeworld Enclave.

Primeworld Land congratulates all our top-performing Sales Partners and the raffle draw winners! 

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